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Celebrating 30 years

The Prinect Inpress Control 3 - the best in hassle-free colour management

As the digital age continues unabated, automation is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any print run.

It saves organisations time and money by automating processes that previously had to be done by manual labour, while providing a high level of quality that our customers know and love.

The Prinect Inpress Control 3 is a perfect example of how this automation continues to help printing companies such as Exel Machinery to push boundaries and provide the highest quality of printing solutions for your company.

What advantages does it have?

There are many highlights to the Prinect Inpress Control 3, including:

Automatic setup - Colour is automatically measured while the press is running and at every speed, helping your organisation to maximise productivity.

Display units - The Prinect Press Center XL 3 touchscreen allows you to quickly change settings without pulling sheets, which helps to keep the quality of your prints high.

Navigation and assistance - The Prinect Press Center XL 3 has a new Speedmaster Operating System. This simplifies your operations through unique navigation and assistance systems that produce results you can rely on and increase performance.

Reducing wastage - The Prinect Inpress Control 3 integrates measurement systems and controls register and colour inline while production is ongoing, which reduces makeready times and keeps the number of sheets that are wasted to a minimum.

What other features does the Prinect Inpress Control 3 have?

The Prinect Inpress Control 3 also links your printing press to your workflow with job data returned automatically. This real-time data management gives you up-to-date information, accurate and informative reports and accurate pre-settings. 

Its inline colour management system also gives you high levels of productivity. The Prinect Axis Control and the Prinect Image Control 3 measures the entire print image. This reduces paper waste and gives you quality colour stability that you can reproduce. The colour measurement systems are integrated within the workflow and you can receive automated colour reports to measure how your products are being printed. 

The Prinect Inspection Control 3 has two high-resolution cameras in the coating unit to check for material defects, scumming and ink splashes, reducing potential expenditure on follow-up costs.

Image Control also means that you can measure the colour on four Heidelberg Speedmaster printing presses in one area. 

Push to Stop is also possible through the Prinect Inpress Control 3. It means you can fully automate job changes without interruption, shortening setup times and improving production speeds. 

There are no restrictions across all formats as well thanks to the space-saving micro print control strips.

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