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Celebrating 30 years

Why invest in a used printing press?

Whether buying a press as an additional piece of equipment or upgrading an existing machine, buying the right specification at the right price is a key decision for your business. There are two options: to buy new or used.

For us at Exel, the answer to this question is obvious. Buying a late model used printing press represents a significant cost saving and with only small differences in technology, productivity will be within a few percent of a new press. A used late model machine offers a far better return on the initial investment.

Save money and invest funds elsewhere 

Typically, a five-year-old press will retail for approximately 50% of the new selling price, the money saved from buying a used press means it can be reinvested elsewhere within your business without compromising on the quality or performance of the machine. Lead times for a B1 press are typically nine months, the right used press could be supplied immediately.

Environmentally friendly 

In today’s climate, all businesses should be aware of the steps they can take to limit their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. It’s a topic hot on the lips of consumers and can actively affect the companies they choose to align themselves with. It goes without saying that purchasing a used press is more environmentally friendly. 

Did you know, a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-6 + L supplied new, would require approximately 1,040 mature trees be planted to offset the roughly 260 tonnes of Co2 emitted during manufacturing? Help do your bit for the environment and buy used where possible!

Guaranteed quality 

When debating whether to invest in a used or new press, you have to ask yourself, ‘what benefit does a new machine provide me with?’. In decades gone by, it may have been true that new machinery offered superior performance and warranted its hefty price tag, but that is no longer the case. 

Press technology has not changed dramatically in the last 10 years; there is no longer such a gap in quality when comparing used and new machines. Major advances in technology like the introduction of a fully automated simultaneous plate change, Inpress Control inline make ready and Inpress Control 2 were all introduced 10, 14 and 6 years ago respectively. This means the used presses on the market today are just as capable in terms of performance as newer machines. 

When you combine this with the fact that component design and new manufacturing methods the presses are more durable and reliable than ever before, it makes more sense than ever to invest in used press machinery. 

Above all else, when buying used you need to be sure of the supplier you’re dealing with - this is an important consideration. If you are buying from a reputable and reliable supplier, the decision to buy used is a smart one - which is exactly what we are at Exel. We supply a press with a turnkey package to all UK clients. We clean each machine prior to delivery, as well as painting the press and running checks to ensure it’s working as it should be, and we’ll install it with new rollers and a 12-month warranty.

If you’d like to know more About the manufacturers we stock and how buying used from Exel works, Contact Us by calling +44 (0)1322 550 055 or emailing [email protected] to discuss your requirements. 

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